Twitter Decides Not to Take Action Against a Stolen Photo and Then Does Take Action After Multiple Users Report

Social Media has some weird people online, that can do anything to gain a tiny bit of popularity and direct approaches to their feed and as much as we all hate to come across people stealing content it is impossible because somewhere someone will steal somebody else’s information and content specially of people well known on the internet.

Something like this recently happened with the social media industry influencer Matt Navarra who is a digital media consultant and is known to break the newly introduced and hidden features of different platform that are yet to be launched. Matt took it to his Twitter to tell his followers how a random guy on Twitter called Paul decided that it was okay to keep the picture of Matt and his daughter as his Twitter display picture and as much as this is unethically wrong people had different opinions about it and so did Twitter.

Along with the screenshot of the said person’s profile Matt also enlightened the public on how when he first approached Twitter with this matter the company thought that this was not something big or serious and no action can be taken against this, which rises a big question mark on social networks content moderation practices, it's most likely the case because the social networks trust AI more than humans, however, eighteen hours after the report was made several good folks and tweeters started reporting the account as fake and probably this sent a strong signal to Twitter and the company decided to take down the account. The company however did not give Navarra any information that they had taken down the account, he randomly checked and found out that the account had been suspended.

People had different opinions about this incident and how Twitter responded to it. Many were in favor of Matt claiming that social media has become a weirder place now and how evil it was to use someone’s picture as your display specially when it had your family in it as well. The people questioned him how did he come across the profile upon which he replied someone he knew tipped him off on this and he had reported it.

While many were in support of Matt claiming that this act was extremely unethical and 'creepy' there was a minor percentage that thought that Twitter was right about telling him that this was not a genuine concern because once you decide to upload your photo online it becomes kind of a public property.

While we may not agree with such a statement because ethics teach you to be respectful towards other people’s stuff and maintain their privacy this was an act of total invasion. We are glad that the account was suspended and we sincerely hope Twitter and all other social media companies take better approaches towards handling such issues in the future.

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