Twitter is adding some new Account Safety Tools on its platform to maintain healthy conversations

The micro-blogging platform Twitter wants to be more transparent when it comes the violation of its rules and content moderation processes by introducing a safety tool which will help the users to easily understand different ways and action in each case, plus this will also promote and maintain healthy conversations.

You can now see the safety center which Twitter has introduced which can also become a one-stop-shop for safety instruments; you can access this safety tool through the Twitter menu. From which users can check the reports, blocks, and strikes they are currently having on their account. Twitter can also provide an update on any remaining report through the Report Center tab. This feature will help Twitter to force their users to follow the rules and regulations which Twitter has made so that they re-think before bullying other persons and many people try to troll other users. If any user is involved in any such behavior as many social media platforms are facing such issues, this platform will alert the users who are on warning list and can be suspended if he does not change his attitude. This will also include a link related to the guidelines of Twitter so that he can understand which rule he has violated.

This update would aware all users regarding the policies of Twitter and this will also keep them updated about their actions and their activities on the platform. But, this will also give the users more flexibility to go beyond these limits, with a tool that will constantly check their activities if they might get suspended, when they would need to dial it back. Twitter has also previewed another concept Policy Hub which will provide all users a complete detail about the rules and regulations of Twitter; in short, it will build the parameters around where Twitter has made a boundary. Another concept, which Twitter is screening, is ‘Weekly Safety Report’ which will show the details about how many users are using its blocks and mute instruments. It will be easy to tackle the users when they are aware of all rules and policies.
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