Twitter to End Support for Some Timeline Embeds from June 2021

All social media companies though introduce new features every now and then, there are times where they draw back some old features or features they think that the public did not give a very positive response towards and Twitter this year is going to do the same with one of its feature.

Twitter announced that they will be removing support for timeline embeds in June, meaning that they will be withdrawing Likes, Collections and Moments embeddable timelines as of June 23rd, 2021 from websites because of comparatively less use of this option and even lesser demand among the public.

But what is the purpose of this option and how many people use it?

Well, many websites post their tweet embedment which is basically a tweet in a box clicking on which would directly lead you to the twitter account from which the tweet is posted. Websites posts their tweet embedment in order to promote and give an access to readers on their websites to their Twitter accounts as well as keep the public up to date about their postings on Twitter, but according to a research conducted by the Tech Giant most of these displays or embeds are just home or list displays which consist of 99.48 percent of websites which only embed timelines and only 0.54 percent websites embed Likes timeline, Collections timeline, and Moments timeline and considering this is such a small amount of users who actually use this option that the company plans on removing it permanently in order to introduce and focus more on new and better options and features in the future.

While the company does assure the rest of the 99 percent of domains that their timeline embedment will not be affected when this change will take place on June 23rd and the company will focus more on providing values to the users through their more utilized Profiles and Lists timelines.

So if you are among the 0.54 percent of people who actually use Likes, Collections and Moments embeddable timelines and you have displayed such tweets on your website you will not further be able to anymore and there is a possibility that your previous embedded tweets will not be displayed as well.

While Twitter is removing a feature or two, it has introduced a bunch of new features like Twitter Spaces and Birdwatcher etc. which has gotten pretty popular among the public and we cannot wait to see what the company will bring forward in the future.

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