YouTube has tested a newly designed comment section with a quick reply option on Android

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users who post, watch videos, and comment on it. People post different types of comments under videos. If you remember the past where the comments sections of YouTube were easily accessible on mobile. Changes to the position of the comment section also given a chance to the content creator to be prominent because the new viewer will watch the video first then he will read the comment which will make his own judgment about the video rather than reading the comment section only and make his mind. However, the comment section also plays an important role in the video because the response of the public is very important for the content creator whether they like the video or not.

According to Android Police, YouTube is currently testing some new designs of comment sections which will have a quick reply option and you can also check all the comments by tapping the View All button. At this time when you open any video on YouTube, you can expand the comment section by tapping on one comment underneath the video you opened. In the new test, you will find a new quick reply option with a more prominent view all option which will show you all the comments posted on the video. It is clear but a bit mixed-up if it compared to how YouTube separately shows the top and most recent comments under the video.

Google appears to be testing these changes but still, it not possible to say anything that which one will make a cut but Google is constantly testing the different UIs comment sections on mobile devices, the one which receives the most engagement of the people will be selected by the YouTube with little changes like having a prominent view all option and quick reply option under a video and one is giving you an option to just post a comment without even checking the others thoughts of the people, if you are just interested in the video not in the comments shared by the community. Now the question is why YouTube has a need to redesign the comment section? The answer is pretty simple because people spent the same time on a comment section which they spent watching videos. Therefore, the proper assortment of most recent comments and view all comments is necessary. YouTube has said that it has made the new design final and will make this available all over the world. If you don’t find it on exact app versions, remember, these changes will be coming as server-side a/b tests.

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