Instagram is expanding its business accounts feature that enables them to allow more approved users to interact with their messages

Instagram was bought by Facebook back in 2012 and the app since then has contributed greatly with Facebook’s annual revenue. Recently Instagram has taken on some initiatives to help business accounts connect more with larger audiences and to help greatly with their marketing campaigns. The app is said to come up with many updates and features for business account holders. Instagram releases something new almost every week.

In 2021, Instagram has a lot in store for us. The first feature which everyone is excited for is ‘Live Rooms’! Where almost three to four people can join in one live session, this can help many influencers connect with their followers together or for hosting online shows especially with keeping the current pandemic in mind. This is for sure to help content creators and small businesses with their followers count as this can greatly induce more creativity. Another feature which many are excited about is the ‘Recently Deleted feature’ where users can restore their previously deleted content, whether it was from your stories or posts. For stories, you will have 24 hours to restore your deleted content and your deleted posts will stay in the folder for 30 days. This feature also can be used as a protection of content from hackers who delete content when hacking into your account. One feature that is sure to be at number one for all business and content creators is the feature that Instagram announced at the beginning of this year call the ‘Professional Dashboard’, this feature by Instagram is yet another professional tool that motivates content creators and small businesses to continue with their drive and in some way also shows what Instagram goes through just to give their support to small businesses.

The new feature, as per TC, that Instagram has released for business accounts is that now these account holders can grant others accounts users to view their messages and responses, those account users will be from the already approved users list by the business account holders. In other words, if the business account user has linked their account with professional tools like Facebook Business Suite, people with approved access can view and respond in their Instagram direct messages. To be able to use this feature, simply go to Settings, then Privacy, scroll down from there and look for the box that says ‘Allow access to Messages’ and voila! You’re good to go.

Throughout the years Instagram has delivered the needs of not only their regular users but also for content creators and businesses. These exciting collections of features on the app prove how much Instagram works hard just to provide their users from all ranges with the best.

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