The CFO of Twitter, Ned Segal says that Apple’s iOS privacy changes will have no impact on Twitter because it will level the playing field

Apple has announced some major privacy changes in which the advertisement selling companies will have to take permissions from the iOS users to collect their data. Many big companies are unhappy with the privacy changes of Apple because it could affect their revenue up to great extent. As in the past few days Facebook and Apple Company came in front due to these changes, Facebook tried its best to present its agenda through various ad campaigns. However, the CFO of Twitter Ned Segal says that these privacy changes will not affect Twitter that much because the micro-blogging platform is experimenting with different ideas to earn its revenue not just selling advertisements. He further says at Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference that these changes could have some positive impact on small companies.

The data which Twitter collects is not tied to a device ID because it also collects data from other sources too, therefore Ned Segal is confident that it will have no impact on Twitter due to these privacy changes in iOS 14. In the past, many companies were doing their business much better than Twitter because all data was readily available to them from the ID of the device that what users are doing on other websites so that was not in the favor of healthy competition in the market. Now every company will be on the same ground where they will face the same challenges. This will make perfect competition in the market and will level the playing field which could also have an interesting impact on broader industries. Now the changes to IDFA will give a good opportunity to the company to play even better against the peers.

It seems like Twitter is not immediately going to ask iOS users to permit collecting their data just like Facebook is making its strategy about how to convince the users to grant permission. Instead, Twitter is planning to wait, time will make a better strategy about how to get permission from the iOS users. Because you cannot annoy someone by asking same question again and again, in short you only have one chance to get the trust of the users to have access to their device ID. Assuring people that they will see more relevant ads could be a credible approach. Segal said that its company will learn first from the industry and the ecosystem about how to ask a question from iOS users. If you are successful in understanding the psyche of the users, you will definitely make a strong strategy.

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