Google has introduced ‘Android Ready SE Alliance’ for users to use their digital keys, digital wallet and IDs with more security

The Android system is one that is not perfect, because of its open nature, but Google is always on the run to improve its features and make it more useful, fast, convenient and secure to use for its users. The major thing that has progressed about Android is that now it isn’t restricted to smartphones and tablets only. You can use everything that you usually use on an Android device on a smart watch, smart TV or even a smart car. This basically helps users to be able to do their tasks from literally anywhere.

With the pace that technology is progressing day by day, it won’t be long before people won’t be using their keys or wallets but their devices for such purposes. Google has recently announced in a blog post that it will be launching ‘Android Ready SE Alliance’ which will make Android devices be manufactured in a way that eliminates the need of digital keys, wallets, mobile identification and eMoney tools from one device only. Google also mentioned that some phones these days include a hardware called a Secure Element (SE), which according to Google is the best path for allowing new consumers to get introduced to new cases in Android. Google has partnered up with several SE dealers to launch the General Availability version to the public for SE, these SE dealers include Giesecke+Devrient, Kigen, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Thales.

Google says that an applet of this Android Ready SE Alliance is ready to be used by their OEM (original equipment manufacturers) partners that produce highly secure devices. The digital features offered by the Android Ready SE Alliance can work on any device, whether phones, tablets, Android TV or even wearables like smart watches. The whole aim of Google behind developing something like this is to ensure a consistent and secure Android ecosystem for their users and also for themselves.

Digital key is basically a small USB device that is fused with print which can allow a user to securely log in to any website, computer or even to the front door of their house. These digital keys can work virtually as well including in PCS, Macs and Laptops. Some variants of smartphones do offer the services of digital keys but it for sure becomes a challenge for the user as there is no such guarantee of a strong, safe and secure pattern of arrangement there. Same goes for digital wallets and in case of that putting a digital wallet in one device can be risky and if that device gets stolen or misplaced then another series of issues come front. Therefore, with the help of Android Ready SE Alliance, things like these get a strong and secure back allowing users to do their everyday tasks with ease without having to worry about security.

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