Twitter’s Spaces Making Efforts for Betterment Is a Threat to The Decline of Clubhouse

Clubhouse as soon as it was introduced in the social media market became a viral sensation and started the trend for live audio conversations. The audio chatting application has specific rooms, with each room having a specific discussion and users can join and listen to while some people can also take part in the conversation giving their point of views on the topic being discussed but that solely depends on the room’s host on who they allow to speak.

Since its launch the audio chatting application took the world by a storm and different already existing applications like Facebook and Twitter started forming their own audio chatting features when they saw the increasing popularity and that has become a threat to Clubhouse popularity and its fast increasing growth.

Twitter came up with its own audio chat feature called “Twitter Spaces” and now it is planning to broaden its horizons by increasing the number of users who can access this feature through Android. This is one big problem for Clubhouse as it is only an iOS supported application and it is still a good few months away from introducing its own version for Android.

This gives Spaces an above hand for growing better and gaining audience interest more than Clubhouse and once Clubhouse launches its version for Android it will be harder for them to grow and convince users to switch back to their application. Twitter has already a large audience and with them expanding their reach for more audiences for the Spaces, there is a possibility for broadcasters and hosts to prefer Spaces over Clubhouse as they would have already a larger community present on Twitter so that their voice and topics can reach larger audiences.

The other problem is that Clubhouse is an invite only application. You can only join a conversation if someone sends you an invite link to it while Spaces will allow a broader audience to enter the discussion panels check out rooms and enter the room containing topics they are interested in, this means anybody on Twitter can enter a discussion without a link and this also gives Twitter Spaces one hand over Clubhouse.

As mentioned in a survey chart by Sensor Tower, there has been a sudden decline in the Clubhouse’s downloads ranking and it has fallen from the 37th on the US App Store charts, to 196th after other applications started introducing a similar audio conversation application.

However, there are chances that Clubhouse can pull itself back up and regain its popularity in this new race of lie audio conversation applications by providing more values and options in other ways. The application can use clever algorithm matching, to highlight the best, most relevant broadcasts to each user, or banking on niche community interests to keep people coming back. This is the same way TikTok has managed to remain on top of the tier of different video making applications. This strategy will however be a little harder for Clubhouse because when you're dealing with live, in-the-moment audio, it's not really possible to ensure that the best, most relevant content is being served to each user, all of the time but it is not entirely impossible.

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