Twitter Attempts to Make Users Opt for Personalized Ads With Prompts

Tech companies rely on a lot of user data because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to earn a lot of revenue by selling this data to advertisers and the like. However, widespread backlash as well as a wave of new regulations have made it so that these companies can no longer offer targeted ads until and unless users end up granting said companies the permission to end up doing so which they most often will not do.

It is important to note that these companies are trying to find workarounds that could entice users into opting for personalized ads, and Twitter’s attempts to do the same are perhaps the most comical of the lot. The social media platform has started showing users prompts asking them to turn on personalized ads, with the option to avoid doing so being labeled as “keep less relevant ads”.

Twitter is clearly trying to make personalized ads seem like a better option, but this seems like a somewhat tacky way to do it that does not represent Twitter’s status as a major social media platform. It is also highly unlikely that this technique would ever end up yielding truly positive results, and the thing to note here is that the users that do end up opting for personalized ads will probably have done so because they didn’t actually know what they were signing up for.

This means that the use of these prompts could be seen by many as downright manipulative which really isn’t all that great of a look for Twitter if you think about it and the social media platform will probably want to change things up fast.

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