Schedule Your Videos Feature on TikTok Under Testing

TikTok is the new thing. The video making application is pretty popular among the young generation and the older ones of the Gen Z too. The application is used by majority of people in the world specially among the age group of 13 to 25. It gives users a platform to express themselves online through videos, and is a pretty great time pass for the entertainment for the users who are just there to watch videos. In short, it is fun and expressive place regardless of what background you are from. Therefore, the TikTok workers are always working towards making it a safe and entertaining place for everyone by introducing new features and unique outlooks.

Recently, Matt Navarra who is a social media consultant took it to his Twitter and posted a screenshot which showed that TikTok is working towards introducing another new feature for web users which will allow you to schedule a video which you want to post on TikTok.

But how will this work? Well, as the feature states that it will allow you to post your videos on a scheduled time. Meaning you can set up a scheduler on which you can pre upload the video, write a caption and set a time and the application will automatically on the desired time will post the video itself.

This feature will be very helpful for content creators and influencers on the platform. Since TikTok is one of the top tier apps now, brands are collaborating with the most followed people from a region they are associated to and doing promotions of their brands with them through videos. The collaborations require influencers and content creators to post a specific video associated with the brand on a specific time and this new feature will be a safe haven for them and for many. You can just pre upload a video beforehand, write a caption, add tags and set a time for posting and the app will do the rest itself. You will not have to sit by the phone for posting it at a specific time. Life made easy.

However, when Matt Navarra posted this screenshot some people under this commented that this feature was not accessible to them. This means that the feature is under testing conditions and is accessible to only a limited amount of people on desktop devices. It is not known if this feature will make a permanent place on the app, which we certainly hope it does or if does when will it. Though whenever that happens we will be right here to inform you.

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