Twitter receives backlash from its users being unhappy with the upcoming paid tweet feature

An #RIPTwitter hashtag is trending on the social platform since the company has announced its new upcoming feature, Super Follows.

The company made the announcement of this feature in its recent virtual Analyst Day event in which the company shed light on how the following year is likely going to be for Twitter.

Amidst other information, the company also shared some basic details of this new functionality.

Twitter users and content creators can now charge a subscription fee to their followers. This means that if you are a creator, you can charge people for following you, and for receiving bonus tweets, extra and exclusive content, newsletters, etc.

The subscription fee is likely to start from $4.99 per month.

Now, while the idea of monetization the content on the platform and helping the creators to earn a few extra bucks is not bad, but it may have some repercussions that Twitter does not seem to focus on or pay heed to.

First off, the most famous accounts on Twitter belong to celebrities or popular political figures. Most of them are already amongst the elites of society. Asking normal people to pay for following most of these already rich people is something that does not sit well with the public.

Secondly, the entire model of Twitter and most of its services has remained free for so long for people to use. It is now making the public and regular Twitter users very upset that they will have to pay a subscription fee to follow their favorite accounts to see exclusive content.

The social platform has been receiving severe backlash from the public and the #RIPTwitter hashtag has been trending too, explaining the sentiment of the masses to this new Super Follows function.

In Twitter’s defense, the brand strategist Scott Steinberg says that the response of people is understandable. They are skeptical and that is fathomable because they have been using a service entirely free, so now even the idea of having to pay for certain content is upsetting them. However, what people should remember is that this kind of service will actually help a lot of creators on Twitter who have a good fan following. This service is somewhat inspired by the subscription services of platforms like Patreon.

If people are willing to pay to their favorite content creators on other platforms, why cannot they do so through Super Follows on Twitter?

Twitter has recently acquired another service called Revue. It allows the users to publish and then earn money on email newsletters. This Super Follows function seems to be an expansion of the revenue and monetization plan of the company.

More details will come in the following months regarding Super Follows. It is likely to be available by the end of 2021.

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