Videos to Be Played in Overlay on Search Results According to Google’s New Feature Test

If you are an active Google user, which honestly almost all of the world’s population with a working computer is. You must have noticed that when you search for a particular topic or make a search about a query you have, sometimes Google along with links to suggested articles about the particular topic and query shows you a bunch of videos on the top of the screen. What are those videos? Well, they are related videos about the topic you have searched that Google thinks might help you, so along with the links to pages it gives you access to videos as well. But if you have tried to open that video for your search or if you have mistakenly clicked on it, you know that it takes you directly to the page or website the video is linked to. For example, if it is a YouTube video the search engine will take you to YouTube and then play the video and same goes for other video operating websites as well.

Google like any other Tech Giant tries to bring about changes in its search engine by introducing new and unique features and making that space a safe and user friendly for its users. So recently Google brought about a change in the feature that we mentioned above about how clicking on a video on Google Search results will lead you to the website to which it is associated before playing the video.

What Google is testing now is that it is allowing videos searched on Google to play directly on the search page instead of leading all the way to the associated website before it starts playing. This will give users the benefit to listen to the video on the side while will also allow to read the related articles at the same time, and if half way through you think the video is not providing you with the information you are seeking you can close it then and there because let’s be honest one thorough see through of an article can provide you with the information that whether or not that particular article carries your answers but with a video you will have to watch it at least half way. This feature will save you from doing one thing at a time and you can open a video on the side while reading an article or doing something else at the same time.

But this feature is only accessible to a few searches right now and majority cannot see and replicate it on their search engines meaning that the feature is still under testing conditions. We have seen Google test variations of this before, back in January 2019 and also in August 2019 for the suggested clips. So this may be another variation of that test but as to this feature will make a permanent public appearance is not decided yet.

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