TikTok has launched a new safety Advisory Council for Europe, which will provide experts, third-party insight into its content to improve its overall approach

TikTok has hired many experts from all over the world to help it with content moderation. As there are a large number of youngsters on this platform sharing and posting different content videos so it is the duty of the platform to supervise their content and their privacy. In the last year, few cases were reported where extremist content posted on this platform. Further, TikTok has decided to show a notification on the screen that contains disturbing content. And now, TikTok has launched a safety advisory council in Europe, which will provide the experts’ tips and third-party insight into its content to improve the quality of the contents so that users feel safe on the platform.

Italy’s data protection authority urged TikTok to block the users whose ages are not verified, as the incident happened a few days ago where a girl was died because of asphyxiation as a result of participating in a black-out challenge on this platform. TikTok is reviewing its policies and procedure to make this platform a better and safe place for the users. Each member of the council will have their own perspective on the challenges and will give the subject matter expertise as it is their duty to provide a piece of advice on content moderation policies and procedures.

Many industry leaders in their respective fields are joining this council, as every day brings a new challenge, therefore, TikTok has decided to further hire additional members from more countries and different regions of the world to support this platform in the future. In the year 2019, the UK information commissioner launched an investigation into how TikTok collects and handles the personal data of users especially youngsters, whether, this platform gives the priority to the safety of children on its platform or not? TikTok was also fined about $5.7 million for illegally collecting the personal information of kids under the age of 13 years. The French officials also made an investigation into how the platform is protecting young users.

As the European Commission is investigating the platform where there were some allegations on this platform to expose young users to inappropriate content. Therefore, Safety Advisory Council will help TikTok in handling these issues. TikTok wants to gain popularity among young audiences; therefore, it is establishing advisory council to protect the rights of children.

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