Twitter is working on a new feature to help boost the eCommerce on its platform

The field of eCommerce is reaching new heights every day; it has slowly become one of the most successful ones out there. Different social media platforms have also contributed to this success while others are also looking for ways to join in with this success.

Recently TikTok, the app that got hit in a short span of time, announced that it will be launching an online shopping feature that will include users buying products through the app, where different brands can advertise their products through TikTok videos. Similarly, Twitter is also looking for more attention drawing features to develop to get on the Ecommerce train. It even presented new options for the development of eCommerce during the Analyst Day presentation, which is a conference where executives of different departments present their upcoming features to a live audience in order to update the public on which direction the company is headed towards to. During the presentation Twitter presented with an option that makes it the first social media platform to come up with such a feature. This feature however is still on the works but like other features that Twitter has announced on previous Analyst Day Presentations, this one will also be for sure able to make its mark.

Twitter is working on a shopping card option. Through this the users can get direct link to the product transaction page. Twitter for this card has added a large ‘Shop’ call to action button. An example of this feature was posted by Yasser Masood via Matt Navarra where the new Twitter eCommerce card included a title of the product, its price and the link of the product with the previously mentioned ‘Shop’ button. Twitter actually did try something of this sort back in 2015 with its ‘Product and Place Collections’ that allowed selected profiles to promote their products to the users.

This post was then shared by Matt Navarra. The relevant page having that product in stock will be also linked on the card. Twitter also mentioned during the presentation that it is working on several other eCommerce features as well that are for sure to open new possibilities for this field, one of them includes having the Shop options getting featured on Tweets and also on other tools. The company said that the reason why it takes it time to release their most awaited features is because it wants that everything that is presented is properly developed having its performance up to the mark and with eCommerce everything must be done with correct sequencing. Twitter also said that many brands want to interact with its users through the platform and this demand gives Twitter the confidence to develop something that can help with this engagement, and also to allow their users to buy something through the app with just a few clicks.

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