Industries like eSports made millions in money even during global pandemic

We all know how everyone all around loves sports. The passion that comes with this subject is something else and really can’t be penned down in words. For someone who absolutely is head over heels in love with sports knows what Esports is. Esports is a type of a digital sport competition but it is not the usual one, this one involves video games! It is the perfect fusion of sports and video games, the two things everyone absolutely loves! Esports is often organized having multiple playing tournaments between professional payers, teams or individuals.

It has actually been found out that around 70 percent of the people prioritize watching other players play video games than play themselves! A little shocking right? The people don’t really have preferences on having to watch only professionals play video game tournaments but just general players playing video games and streaming them on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Over the years many channels like such have gained immense popularity, the audience usually includes teenagers.

Don’t be mistaken by the fact that such players on video games tournaments don’t earn money at all and do all of this for fun. Well, the fun factor is there but due to the highly gained audience over the years the players now make a huge load of money too! The video game world is filled with even professionals playing competing in such competitions. With getting sports injuries is at such a low risk, then who wouldn’t prefer earning money with the comfort of a living room than playing on the field? According to the earnings through Esports, games like Dota 2 that has been there for years earns the most amount of money ( around $177 million) followed by the game we’ve heard around a lot, Counter Strike. Last year though, in 2020 chess was the game that earned the most amount of money on Esports.

A report including the data of only the United States says that around 4000 of US-based Esports pro-players earned around a total of $20 million last year. The United States is at number one for having the most players earning well, followed by China and then Korea.

To add more to your shocked state at the moment, these earnings are actually low! Due to the pandemic even though these earnings are a lot, they did decrease due to the situation.

We have only yet to discover what this platform will bring more to the future!

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