TikTok’s New Feature 'Topics' Sorts Videos Under Different Categories

TikTok is the new trend and a majority part of the world is currently dancing to tunes on the app, making funny videos or just expressing themselves in general. The popularity is specially among the younger generation and it is growing steadily. The rise in its popularity and it becoming one of world’s most leading entertainment app has made the company bring about changes by introducing new features to keep users interested in the app overtime and make the social media platform a safe space for everyone.

Recently, it has been observed that TikTok is working towards introducing another great feature which will be helpful for the users. Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra from whom nothing stays hidden took it to his Twitter with a screenshot (originally shared by @KenSchillinger) of a TikTok screen on which we could see a new feature. The feature is called “Topics” with a number of headings below like Comedy, Learn, Animals, Gaming etc., and while the company itself does not have given any further explanation about the feature but Matt on his Twitter did left behind a hint on what this feature might be.

Suggestive from the name of this feature “Topic”, this feature will categorize videos according to their types. For example, that if you tap on the comedy icon it will lead you to all the videos that are funny or has a tag of comedy attached to it, Gaming videos will direct you to videos related to games and hence forth.

Sometimes the Discover or For You Pages can be a little boring or not up to what you are feeling that day. For example, if you want to see some funny videos and your For You page is only accessing you to skincare and health related videos. It can be super annoying because how will you specifically search for funny videos. This is where this new feature will come in. All you will have to do is go to the Topics and tap on comedy and you will be led to all the top trending funny videos. Similar goes for all the rest of the topics, you are just a tap away from watching your desired mood videos with this new feature on the app and people are really excited about it.

However, this feature is not available on everybody’s TikTok which means that this is under testing and TikTok has not decided on whether this feature will go public or not. Safe to say the public already loves it and we are hopeful to see it on our screens really soon.

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