Beware Android Smartphone Users! These Dangerous VPNs, Music Players and QR Scanner Apps on Google Play Store Can Steal Your Data

If you are an Android smartphone user, you should be aware of an important new security alert. Recently, eight android apps have been discovered that are potentially dangerous. These applications have the ability to access all the banking details from your device. These apps are so harmful that they can even overcome the two-factor verification process. If these apps are installed on your Android device, they need to get removed right away. For further assurance, users are advised to investigate their bank accounts for any unusual behavior.

Security researchers at CheckPoint alerts about the hacker’s scheme of trapping all the bank details of the users. According to the researchers bad actors are more advanced than the Google's Play Store security protocols. Play Store faces a hard time preventing hackers from invading their app’s privacy. This time, Google Play Store has been severely hampered and hackers have plotted a simpler way to destroy the apps which is even more dangerous.

The latest threat, dubbed Clast82 is more potent as it can fit the virus anywhere on the device. Clast82 monitors all the infected devices as it uses a remote access Trojan.

Users are now requested to uninstall the malware ridden apps if they are still available on the Play store despite all the warnings. Google is being pushed to strengthen the Play Store's security. Although, the improvements are made but they are insufficient.

Even after a security campaign like Google’s Apps Defense Alliance, hackers find the strategies and invade the privacy measures constructed by the Play store.

According to a Check point team, hackers keep it basic this time. Gathering all the third-party apps to get around Play store privacy measures and causing malware in a couple of apps. The easiest way to stay aware of them is that users should not download apps when not in need and thoroughly understand the privacy policy and terms and conditions of each app. As in the case of any flashlight apps that are asking the user to permit to access the contacts is instantly skeptical. Moreover, reviews given below each app helps a lot in such case.

Google only confirmed the removal of apps being reported by the Check point. Other than that, Google refuses to comment on this situation.

The dangerous Clast82 applications from the Play store include Cake VPN, Pacific VPN, eVPN, BeatPlayer, QR/Barcode Scanner MAX, Music Player, tooltipnatorlibrary, and QRecorder.

If any user owns such apps, they should remove them immediately, or else their financial assets will fall into dangerous hands. The danger will remain there, the only thing that users can do to avoid such scams is becoming aware.

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