Google Chrome to Introduce the Easiest and Quickest Way to Delete Off History

Everybody loves privacy, especially when it comes to your mobile devices. From applications to history everything has something personal that you think when someone else will see will judge you for it and especially when it comes to your history considering how random and basic things you have searched on it. Example the meaning of a very easy word before you use it in a text because you were not sure if you were using it correctly and then you delete off the history to erase the evidence of yours at times dumb self.

Well, deleting history has never been easier because Google for Android is updating its deleting history feature. Currently to delete history on an Android phone you have to open your Android Google app, go to the right and click on three dots and tap on history and then select the dates till where you want your history to be deleted but now things are changing on the application.

Google is performing tests on updating the feature for deleting history and the new feature will look and work something like this. Now you will be able to delete history off the page info menu by just enabling a few features on the newly available Chrome Canary flag. In Chrome experimental page chrome://flags, find and enable the "Page info history" option, which will enable the Chrome to forget all the preferences and history of a site by just a single tap.

After enabling the flag, you will have to close and restart Chrome browser. Once done you will notice a new option upon clicking the lock symbol next to the website’s address.

You must be wondering that if I have an Android and why is this feature not accessible to me.

Well firstly, this feature is under testing phase which means the company has not launched it for the general public as of yet. The option is still new in the development and needs a lot of working before it makes its appearance in the world. However once ready it will be the quickest option for you to delete off your history immediately from your Android phone.

The second thing to be kept under consideration before accessing this feature is that it only available for the Canary versions of Google.

Though we do not know when this feature will be released for stable versions we cannot wait this and to see what other features Google has in store for us.

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