Adobe’s New AI Feature Will Increase The Photo Size Up To 4 Times

Adobe Photoshop is bringing a new artificial intelligence feature that will quadruple the number of pixels. According to Adobe, the new feature which is named “super-resolution” will be added to Camera Raw as well as Adobe’s Lightroom and Lightroom Classic software which is used for editing photos.

Once you put the photo in the editing app, its machine learning model will first inspect the picture and then analyze it on the basis of details of millions of other photos fed into the algorithm by bringing out a more focused and clear image, said Eric Chan a programmer analyst and IT manager.

The feature was put out due to certain reasons; one of the reasons is the pixels get short when printing or zooming into the picture. Like a 12-megapixel picture taken from a mobile phone can become a 48-megapixel picture for large prints and a picture cropped into 2 megapixels can become an 8-megapixel picture.

A few years ago Google’s pixel phones bored the same kind of technology called RAISR, Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution, which can zoom into a scene digitally.

Adobe Photoshop’s most recent version which was released in 2020 has a number of AI-based features for editing called neural filters.

Pixelmator, the adobe Photoshop rival, also has its ML super-resolution feature.

Programmer Eric Chan told its procedure on how to use the new feature:

Press a button and watch the 10-megapixel photo transform into a 40-megapixel photo. It’s somewhat like how Mario eats a mushroom and suddenly balloons into Super Mario, but without the annoying sound effects.

“Super Resolution is also a pixels project, but of a different kind. For example you can upsize an old photo which was taken with a low-resolution camera for a large print. Imagine you have an advanced ‘digital zoom’ feature to enlarge the picture. There’s more to the super-resolution feature than you can think of, but we are going ahead of time. To understand Super Resolution feature the right way, we must first talk about Enhance Details.”

In order to use the new feature Super Resolution in Adobe Photoshop, all you have to do is right-click on a photo and select “Enhance” from the menu. The system will then give out an enhanced Digital Negative (DNG). Also, the edited file can become like any other image.

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