Apple iPhone 11 survives 6 months in a lake before being rescued by divers

Whenever Apple launches a product, it brings something new and improved with the new device. With the release of iPhone 11, Apple claimed that the phone is very much water resistant. The device has a rating of IP8 under IEC standard that is, the device can stay into a maximum depth of 2 meters (6.5 meters) for as long as 30 minutes, but what if you get to know that the phone has actually survived six months at the bottom of the lake? Shocker isn’t it?

While most users say that Apple devices are very sensitive and are prone to be get damaged really quickly, such news has had everyone turn their heads around. The phone was rescued by divers Clay and Heather Helkenberg (of Aquatic Monkey) who are actually married. The couple devotes their free time to clean and clear the garbage from lakes in Canada, and when finding valuable items like these, they often get to return it to their owners. The rescued Apple iPhone 11 wasn’t even backed up by the user so with the phone rescued, the user was able to have photos and videos back that she thought were lost forever. Clay Helkenberg said that along with phones, the couple also finds more valuable items like GoPros. He posted the video of the recovered phone that he and his wife found in Harrison Lake in Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Other than the iPhone 11, 2 phones and 11 sunglasses were also found from the lake. When the Helkenbergs first contacted the owner of the phone, Fatemeh Ghodsi thought that it was a prank and rightly so because a phone as expensive as this one can only be imagined to still survive after getting dropped down in the lake. Fatemeh Ghodsi was of course very confused at first but she believed the Helkenbergs and made a short trip to Chilliwack to collect her phone. Like all of us, she was too shocked knowing that the phone was still working.

Ghodsi revealed that she dropped the phone in September during a ride on one of the bumper boats on the lake. When the phone slipped from her hand, the water park staff told her that it is impossible to find a phone back that is dropped in the lake, but little did she know!

The working condition of the phone is such that the microphone and the speaker both are not working but the rest of the device is still intact. This for sure proves more than what Apple claimed about their phones being water resistant!

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