Telegram to Introduce Audio Rooms similar to Clubhouse

In the past few months, various platforms have been imitating Clubhouse audio rooms. Just how Snapchat introduced the stories feature first and later all other social media platforms cloned the same feature. Many social networks have worked and are working to introduce Clubhouse-like features.

Recently, Clubhouse has gained huge popularity for its audio room service that was found to be distinct from others. Lately, Telegram has decided to jump on the bandwagon. It appears, Telegram is working to launch Clubhouse audio rooms to extend its user base.

The Clubhouse has received a lot of attention recently, with over 8 million downloads worldwide. Owners of older and more successful social apps, on the other hand, are becoming more interested in its usability. It seems that everybody wants to build their own Clubhouse. Twitter, Mi Talk (Xiaomi), TikTok, and Instagram are developing their Clubhouse copies.

Telegram is reportedly testing voice chats for channels which enables Telegram groups to have a large group discussion. The Clubhouse has worked hard to achieve the position where it is right now. Initially, Clubhouse faced difficulty and through constant struggle, the team finally become able to improvise the moderation features during the last year. Supposedly, for any platform like Telegram to launch an audio room service, moderation features are required.

Telegram Voice chats can be added to any Telegram community and provide a great experience of undefinable communication. They work in accordance with the current text and media-based communication that people are used to, while still allowing them to converse with others in real-time.

If an active voice chat is activated in the group, there is a specific label at the top that displays who is currently speaking. After joining the voice chat, the user can still access the app normally. The microphone settings will also be displayed on the screen that allows to mute or unmute the mic anytime.

For Android users, a widget will display the microphone functions and the current speaker to give a voice chat experience. On Windows and macOS, there will be a click to talk option to monitor the mic when the app is not active. Telegram voice chats can support thousands of people.

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