Instagram Is Testing Several New Features For Reels And Stories, Including Discover and Following Tabs For The Reels Section

Instagram has been one of the top tier social media applications since it has made its emergence in the social media world. The application has millions of people who use the app on a daily basis, post pictures, like and comment on the post of the people they follow and also share stuff on their stories. All this makes Instagram to strive harder and provide more unique and new features for their users to ensure a positive growth on their application as well as maintain a safe and user friendly environment.

Recently, Instagram has introduced a new feature called Reels. The Reels is a feature which provides Instagram users a new way to create and discover short videos on the application. The launch of Reels had a pretty impeccable timing as well, it was launched when TikTok was banned in many regions in Asia which made people who were famous for their videos immediately hop onto Reels to provide their followers with amazing content.

Since Reels has gained a lot of popularity on the app, Instagram is working towards introducing two new updates in Reels, as per Alessandro Paluzzi.

The first update, Instagram is making for Reels is that it is providing two options for users which are “Discover” and “Following” within Reels.

A lot of content creators and influencers on Instagram use short videos as a means of providing fun filled content, the discover tab will help you link up with creators who you do not follow. It will give you the access to their reels which you can watch and enjoy, and if you like give them a follow as well. While the other “Following” tab will provide you direct accessibility to the Reels of people you already follow.

The tab on default will be “Discover” and with one swipe you can shift tabs and quickly move to the tab for “Following.”

Apart from this, you know how Instagram has an option for post notifications where it immediately alerts you when one of the people you follow have posted something if you have enabled their post notification option. They are bringing the same things for Reels as well, you can now enable the post notification of Reels of any creator you like or person you follow.

But Instagram’s focus is not only on Reels, it is bringing another new feature for its users.

The third feature that the social media giant is working towards is that it is providing an option for Stories Archive. While Instagram already had an option like this, archive stories currently are available through the archive option which has both archive posts as well as archive stories, but what we think now Instagram means from this is that it will be providing a whole new separate option for saved stories you had uploaded in the past.

We currently don’t know when these features will be launched but what we do know is that Instagram is provided some really great features in the past and we cannot wait to see what else it has to offer.

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