After Twitter launched ‘Spaces’, Facebook is also working on a Clubhouse clone ‘live audio chat rooms’

In April of 2020, we saw the launch of a new social media app called ‘Clubhouse’. The app is unique in its own way in the sense that the app is based on the idea of live audio chat rooms, where people from any corner of the world can come together in these audio chat rooms to talk, listen and learn. The app is available for iPhone users only at the moment which is the only drawback to it because the app has become quite a hit since its release, and when it will be available for Android users the popularity that it will reach will be the one to see. The app is created by Paul Davison and Rohan of Seth of Alpha Exploration Co, and the app was released just at the time where the people in every corner of the world needed some type of support due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

After Clubhouse, we saw Twitter coming up with a similar feature of live audio chat rooms in its app which of course seemed like a replica of Clubhouse but Twitter has always had a high and a separate standard as compared to other apps, and the look that it gave to these audio rooms was something very different and unique. The name of this Clubhouse similar feature is ‘Spaces’ and the thing which Clubhouse lacked was rectified by Twitter as Twitter allowed the use of Spaces both on iOS as well as on Android devices. Following this bandwagon, is none other than Facebook who is never seen to miss an opportunity to include something trending in its app. Whenever a new and unique feature from a different social media app is available, sooner or later Facebook is seen coming up with that as well.

Alessandro Paluzzi, on Twitter recently tweeted that Facebook is working on audio chat rooms. The feature however is still on its early stages of development and only a UI (user interface) has been created for that. User Interface (UI) is basically a series of screen containing visual elements like buttons and icons enabling a person to first come into terms with the product or service. Facebook still has a lot to work on for this feature but for sure like Twitter, Facebook’s version of audio chat rooms will be unique in its own way.

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