Facebook is adding text labels to its bottom tab navigation bar for iOS users

Facebook is the app which started everything that is available on the social media world today. The very first app that got us all hooked to our desktop and then later on to our smartphones. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook developed this app along with Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, all of these people were students at Harvard University. It was Facebook that inspired many other developers to come up with their own social media apps that have made the social media progress to as we know it today.

Facebook is always on the go, whether it is for new features for an even better user experience for their users or for coming up with new layouts and designs for the app for iOS and Android devices. With the on-going dispute between iOS and Facebook, the app is still working to make sure that everyone of its iOS users has a great user experience too.

Keeping in mind different communities, Facebook is the app which people can say keeps everyone in the loop. There are so many features that Facebook has come up till now and many more that are on the works. The one feature which was much loved by everyone is the new AI tool. Most of the content which we see on Facebook is mostly text, Facebook has developed this AI tool in order for users to create audio photo descriptions, not will this be a much more enjoyable user experience but will also be most importantly a better experience for visually impaired and blind ones!

Facebook is also heard to be working on a new iOS notification in order to provide context about Apple’s privacy changes that is, in order to explain more about how to use personalized ads.

Matt Navarra who is a social media consultant mostly known for announcing top and latest news regarding Facebook and other popular networks, recently spotted a new feature that Facebook has released for iOS users, which is that the app has added text labels to its bottom tab navigation bar. This new layout is expected to provide a better user experience, as not all users are well aware of fast changing icons on Facebook and what they means. So adding extra text description along with icons will help users better understand what an icon actually means and what it does.

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