Pinterest releases the details on how it’s AI and machine learning technology helps the app against eliminating harmful and negative content from the platform

Social media apps are proved to be helpful to people in a lot of ways, but like everything it does have its merit and demerits as well. News and content that can be triggering to some people is also seen there and that is why it is so important to make sure that such content gets put away immediately. It is up to the makers of such apps to come up with ways to help eliminate such content. Such include content on topics like: drugs, graphic violence, adult content, medical misinformation, self-harm activities and a lot more.

One of the apps that took on the initiative to help eliminate such content was none other than Pinterest. In 2019, the image sharing social media app Pinterest launched AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning technology to help with this mission on the app’s platform. Such technologies help in eliminating such content by detecting content related to those categories and reporting it back. It is reported by Pinterest Engineers that due to AI and machine learning technologies there has been a decline of about 52% in unsafe content since 2019 and content encouraging self-harm have reduced to about 80% since April of 2019.

Pinterest uses a system that already is trained on millions of human reviewed Pins. The Trust and Safety operations team at Pinterest which overlook at the content detected by the machine and then assign the next actions categorize these content. How the technology helps with detecting and removing harmful content is that the company has developed a Pin model trained that is a model friendly replica of Pins based on the app’s keywords and images; this then detects which content might be under violation and which is good to go by generating a score for that content with the help of another model. The engineers who are the brains behind such technologies have a hard time coming up with simpler and smaller models of such technologies that can be used in multi model inputs.

Pinterest says that technologies like such that have a complex system developed in them help with increasing more of the positive content on the platform and such technologies have helped greatly with the app becoming a much lesser toxic platform than others as also seen in the reports supporting these statements.

It is expected that other social media apps also take on initiatives like these and work to develop such technologies to help make the social media platforms a much safer, healthier and toxic free environment as possible.

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