Google has widely rolled out a new interface for key moment videos in search results

Google always tries its best to give you the best search results quickly and conveniently in the form of a text, audio file, or video. Google also shows videos related to your search from YouTube and other video platforms. There are many ways that search results help you to discover visual, textual, and even information in audio form, from finding the most useful podcasts for understanding the elements within a photo. But what can you do if you have to search what is inside the long video when you do not have much time to see each and every second of the video. Google introduced a key moment feature for the first time in the year 2019, in which a user can scan all important parts of the video in just a second.

Key moments are sections in a video so that way you can find or skim through the content very easily and quickly to get to what are you looking for. These moments are made for saving your time, and to make your search more comfortable because you don’t have to see the full-length video in which the content that you are looking for is of two to three minutes, so you can skip through all the video and exactly go the point that is related to your search.

Google is recently rolling out a new key moment interface which will also show the texts that will show the summarized text of the video. So, when you open a video you can simply go to the new interface of key moment video and easily have the knowledge about what is inside the video and is it related to what I am looking for. Due to the launch of this new interface, many content creators can increase the views of the video because when the user read the text in key moments, he may find something interesting or relevant section in the video, so he will more likely to check the video at least once rather than skipping complete video if he is not interested.

Google is testing this feature for years now and making it better with the passage of time. These key moments are the backbone of the video on which the whole video stands. Now content creators can take the benefits of the new interface in key moments video so that the users can easily find the relevant section of the content he is looking for.

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