Facebook has yet again another feature on its sleeve that is for sure to of use by everyone

2021 is definitely the year for different social media platforms to take the world by storm. Especially after the pandemic hit us last year, people have witnessed these different social media apps coming with the best of features and updates just for their users and to help them grow out of their comfort zones. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw many small businesses coming in and the potential that these businesses were able to portray goes to these social media platforms as well, the reason why is that such social media apps came up with features and updates that gave these small businesses a motivating support and a helping hand which was all that was needed especially with keeping the current situation in mind.

Sometimes each one of us needs a time out from our phones, but with notifications constantly coming in it gets really hard to do so. Facebook has come up with a solution for that by launching ‘Quiet Mode’ where the users can disable or silence their notifications from the app, the user can of course enable the notifications back again. This greatly helps in reducing screen time. We all live very hectic and busy lifestyles, on social media platforms we sometimes come across some posts that are according to our interests but due to being in a hurry we don’t get to view them properly or we often forget where we saw that post altogether. As spotted by Mat Williams and Matt Navarra, Facebook now has a new feature rolling out where users can schedule such posts to the timings comfortable to them and they can view such posts without haste.

This is for sure create a sense of relief to many out there and this feature by Facebook is yet another way of the app telling us that they hear our small issues and are here to the rescue as always!

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