Pinterest Premiere, The New Marketing Solution And Tool For Video Ads

Pinterest has launched a number of new advertisement tools in order to give more experience and understanding of the campaign and to extend and get through to a larger audience. The announcement was made at the marketing and advertisement summit on March 3rd, 2021, Pinterest’s first-ever virtual event for marketers.

“Pinterest premier” is the new feature for video advertisements through which the advertisers will be able to buy a video positioning on the home page for a particular category, statistics, or investment for a specific time.

The feature is somewhat like the ‘First View’ advertisement option that Twitter brought sometime before, which makes it certain that the video advertisements reach the targeted audience at the earliest. Though it’s a bit on the pricey side but getting your advertisements to the right audience instantly is what matters.

Although admired and trusted by millions of people before, 2020 has been a much favorable year for Pinterest, reaching almost 460 million users and near to a billion views daily. Also, there is more chance of people to buy the product on Pinterest considering the increase in e-commerce and online shopping trend this pandemic.

Pinterest's Trends’ was introduced in a pilot mode in December 2019, but this is the enhanced version which better results and insights into new trends. Because generation Z is all about the recent and latest trends.

As said by the chief marketing officer of Pinterest Andrea mallard “We want to achieve more influential and impressive content, that is why we must make sure that this experience helps with more meaningful content and increasingly more influenced users,” via Forbes

According to Pinterest, Pinterest Premiere provides the users a choice to align video ad targeting through either a particular demographic or a category. These options are made to help the users to have a broader reach and scale for times such as launches, brand events or even ongoing campaigns.

Pinterest is also introducing its ‘Conversion insights’ to get better insights for statistics and figures all in one report to help strengthen their performance. Its previous version was brought to users in September 2020 for the users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Pinterest also came forward with an option for purchasing through the app recently that includes trying the makeup virtually through an AR tool.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images

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