Martin Cooper, the Cellphone inventor reflects the pandemic-driven innovation when he made history back in the year 1973 with the first-ever call from a mobile phone

Now when the technology has reached its peak, the smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung when launching a new smartphone, people have so much craze that they want to order the smartphone on the very first day even if they have to stand in long lines at their stores. Many people pre-order these phones from Amazon or from any other online store. When Motorola launched its first cellphone back in the year 1973, it took a decade when people actually got this phone to use. The team roughly took three months to build DynaTAC 8000x. But now when even the company has the latest technology and brilliant staff, workers and developer, they take around 12 to 18 months to build a flagship smartphone. Even the car company does not make such a long time to make the cars. The Motorola Company just made two prototypes, the result of thousands of parts welded together in a shoe shape phone with a huge antenna.

The DynaTAC was much complex than today’s smartphone which looks light and simple, Martin Cooper said in an interview and shared his stories about the whirlwind race to make the first-ever cellphone. Which was not a commercial smartphone because many people were unable to buy that phone and that was more an attempt to head off attempts by then-monopoly AT&T to get domination in the smartphone business. The colleagues could not believe these words because for them it was just a night dream which cannot be fulfilled but anyhow they stood with Martin Cooper and worked with him. Cooper made his first-ever phone call to a rival AT&T engineer while standing on a sideway in Manhattan. AT&T engineer does not remember that call what he just said but Martin Cooper said in a call that "I did not hold back at all in rubbing it".

Cooper further said in an interview that the smartphone business still needs to do more to reduce and ultimately eliminate the broadband gap and different issues like the real promise of 5G. He gave the insight into its wireless business that modern smartphone companies will have to take the customer-centric approach to their products and services and these companies should accept their failure if they want to succeed in real because if a company accepts its fault or failure it focuses on it and ultimately runs on a right track. Even though in the modern world where smartphones have brought all the information together, still, 40% of students in this country don’t even have access to broadband wireless. It is as important as food and shelter, therefore, it should be accessible to everyone. Cooper said that technology has always kept the market ahead of demand with wireless businesses find new ways to get more data into those airwaves.

He also talked about the corona virus as well that it has boosted up the pace of innovation like video conferencing etc. People will travel less keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation and will collaborate more while online and this will bring remote service more common. But people should be careful about their personal data and should not share it with anyone. He said that even though China is working hard in wireless business but the freedom of expression and level of creativity will give an advantage to the western market like the US.

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