Study shows Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn share the most data with third parties

Social media apps are famous for sharing user’s information to third party companies. According to the new research, Instagram is by far the top app that shares user’s data the most. Among all the App Store apps, Instagram was discovered to be sharing people’s sensitive information.

The latest Apple privacy labels have been examined by pCloud which is a cloud storage network. The firm analyzes the Data used to trace users, advertisements owned by the third party, and advertising and marketing strategies of the developers.

After examining all the App store apps in terms of the three factors mentioned above it was discovered that Instagram exchanges 79% of the data it gathers with third parties. That shared information includes all the private data such as contact information, location, daily sales and transactions, user material, search history, data usage, and financial details. All this information can cause serious threats for users.

After Instagram, the second place goes to Facebook. For the past few years, Facebook is responsible for leaking its users data. It was discovered by the pCloud that Facebook shares 57 percent of the information with private entities. All the information that is required to create a Facebook account is being shared by Facebook to other companies.

Next to Facebook is LinkedIn and Uber eats. Both of the apps share 50 percent of the user data equally. As compared to these popular apps, food delivery apps are among those which share considerably less amount of information. Also, just Eat, Grubhub, and My McDonald's provide no information at all.

Ivan Dimitrov, pCloud digital marketing manager explains that even though, a certain amount of information is important for apps to pass on third party companies to support them in delivering their service. But there are some apps that are clearly sharing information for their benefit.

In today’s modern era, the exchange of personal information is solely to make money and it is scary to see that this has been increasing tremendously. The purpose of sharing private information is to market their own features. Facebook and Instagram utilize 86 percent of the information they obtain to market their goods.

In addition to Telegram, Clubhouse, Netflix, and Signal, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom do not obtain any data for ads or private entities. Whereas, Bigo live and Likke are included in the most secure applications that only gather 2 percent of data from users.

Instead of focusing the privacy policies, social media mega-corporations like Instagram and Facebook keeps on collecting data from users. People should take care of their data and must realize what information they are providing to these apps.

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