This Infographic Highlights 20+ Fascinating Facts About Instagram That Digital Marketers Should Know In 2021

Squarelovin has released an infographic, detailing interesting facts and stats about Instagram, more or less making a mini-zeitgeist of information that any Insta based influencer can harness on their way to the top.

Let's see why digital marketers should focus on building a following on the social media platform. Surely options such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be better, no? While a case could certainly be made for YouTube being the better option, Instagram trumps the former two as it features 14x more engagement than Facebook, and a whopping 27x more than Twitter.

Clearly, such a high userbase interaction highlights how relevant the app is in today's social culture. It also features 18-34 year olds as the most active demographic, highlights tons of options for both monetization as well as reach. The younger generation is the one to market towards, a lesson that TikTok is clearly benefiting off of.

Business is booming on Instagram. The platform draws in over USD $13.85 billion per year just from advertising revenue, and a lot of that comes from the sheer amount of user engagement. One third of the most viewed stories on the platform are business-related, and 15-25% of Insta's +1 billion users actively swipe up on them. The app's also attracting a lot of attention, as 78% of all brands have shoppable e-outlets and product listings on it. Start-ups looking to start up, maybe Instagram is the way to go, yes?

Growth for influencers on the social media platform is continually expanding. The infographic marks influencer worth at around $2.3 billion in 2020, which is a significant jump from 2019's $1.7 billion and 2018's $1.3 billion. With such a rapid and large growth of revenue, it's no surprise that Instagram' becoming a central hub for influencers and models.

Ads are seeing a lot of growth on the platform. But what resonates best with the Insta community? Well, Photo and Video ads are one's best bet, since they make up 48% of all ads on the platform (25% for the former, and 23% for the latter). Users like interacting with more visual media and Instagram facilitates such an exchange perfectly.

So, if you represent a brand looking to build a following, or simply want to strut your stuff as an influencer, Instagram may be your best bet at online fame.

Take a look at this infographic for more insights:

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