Instagram’s New Policies Will Prevent Adult Users from Messaging Minors on the App

Instagram has always been conscious about the privacy of their users on the platform and considering how socially active the new and young generation is, and how many of them are on Instagram. The company decided it is high time to bring out some policies focusing on the privacy of these young users because at times they can take some decisions because of their immature age which can prove to be dangerous, as for having an account on the Facebook-owned social media platform you just have to be 13 years in age.

Instagram is introducing some new safety policies. According to the new policy, Instagram will limit user’s interaction between an adult and a minor under the age of eighteen if the two do not follow each other on the social network. The social media company will ban adults from messaging young kids on the application and will show a list of guidance known as safety prompts to the young kids on the app if they receive any such messages from an adult who they do not follow.

The safety prompts will allow young users to report or block the adult person messaging them and will ensure them that replying to such messages is not necessary and they should not be scared and give in. It will also remind young users to not share any pictures, videos or any personal information with someone online that they do not know.

Instagram moderation system will also notice suspicious behaviors of users and will notify them if they think that their behavior is noticeable and inappropriate according to the company’s terms. While Instagram has not given any information on the moderation system works and how will it detect suspicious behaviors, what we think it will do is that it will keep a tally on which user is sending the most follow requests to minors on the platform.

The company said that the feature will go live in some countries this month, however it has not listed which countries will that be. Though we will soon find out.

The next step towards maintaining a safer environment on the application will be that Instagram is working towards a better artificial intelligence and machine learning technology which will help the company detect and guess someone’s age when they will be signing up for an account on the platform. The guideline requirement for the age of having an Instagram account is 13 years, however a lot of people easily lie about their age. The company has not said how this machine learning technology will work but it ensures us that it will stop underage people from forming an account. Apart from this, the company will encourage new and young users on the app to make their profile private. In the race of likes and comments, the younger generation has made their accounts public for everyone to go through and like and comment, the company however thinks that is dangerous and will be encouraging young users to make their profiles private. Even if at the beginning their accounts are public the company will send them highlights and key points later as to what are the benefits of having a private account.

It is great to see huge tech giants like Instagram working day in and out for the maintenance of the privacy of its users and being so considerate towards it. The new policies look really great for the privacy issues on the platform and we cannot wait to see what else it has to offer.

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