Tech Companies in China Working Towards a Way to Track User Data Without Consent on iPhones Despite of Apple’s New Privacy Labels

Apple has always been concerned about the privacy of its users and believes that users should know about which of their data is being collected. Therefore, Apple recently introduced an App Transparency Feature which will grant users the accessibility to decide for themselves that which app from the App Store will they allow to collect data and which to not. Apple asked all developers on the App Store, to ask for user consent on sharing and collecting information once this policy goes live. The already installed app will ask for consent when the app is opened for the first time after the launch of the privacy while new downloads will ask for permission at the time of installment.

But while Apple is correct in terms of this that users should have control over their data some companies are not happy with this policy as it will greatly affect targeted ads on the platforms which are a great source of revenue income for the developing companies and some companies in China found an alternate way.

Companies like ByteDance (TikTok's parent company) and others tech giants in China are testing a tool to bypass Apple’s new privacy rules and continue to track iPhone users without their consent. A report from FinancialTimes shows that the state-backed China Advertising Association which has over 200 members introduced a process called CAID, which is basically a new and different way to track iPhone users in China and the system is being tested by the companies in China rather secretly.

This was confirmed by people close to both ByteDance and Tencent that the two companies are testing such a system however both the companies denied any such thing when questioned about it.

However, Apple is quite serious about this consent policy and said it will not grant any leniency to any company under any circumstances. User privacy is a big thing for the tech giant and it will not overlook any breaching in it and any such App that does now agree with the policy will be removed from the App Store permanently.

Two sources who are quite familiar with this ongoing matter believe that if Apple takes action against this, things will be very bad for the Chinese developers on the App Store while Tech analyst Zach Edwards says that Apple cannot ultimately ban every app from China because it will greatly affect the sale of iPhones in the Chinese regions. The chief executive of AppInChina, Rich Bishop believes that Apple will make an exception in this case because banning will also ultimately affect Apple. What are your thoughts on this?

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