Facebook Will Soon Pay Writers And Influencers To Become A Part Of Their Newsletter Business

Facebook is now trying to get into the publishing and newsletter business and is started to test and imply partnerships with the journalists, reporters, and authors, and not only that, in order to do that the writers will be paid exclusively by Facebook itself.

The product is not yet named but the news is that it will consist of independent freelancers, influencers and writers. Apart from Facebook, the newsletter will have a separate website where the content writers and contributors will be able to charge for the tool subscriptions and earn separate revenue you can say as a freelancer while being connected to the Facebook community, as well as make groups on Facebook to promote and share their work, moreover, metrics data and statistics will also be provided by the newsletter.

Inside the tool, live videos, host text, stories, reports, and many other things can be posted and published on the pages. According to reports, the feature is made seeing the current situation, when people suffered so much and are now in dire need of jobs and ways of earning to stand back up and help the economy thrive.

The social media giant says, it is trying to help find ways individual journalists to thrive as creators.

On he other hand, Substack, the online platform which is used for payment, publishing, and analytics, etc. has also been paying their writers' decent amounts in order to usher them to work under the company name.

Although Facebook is more famous for copying and imitating other applications and products, here watching the success rate of the writers on Substack with 250,000 subscribers taking paid programs, Twitter has come forward with their own newsletter platform called “Revue” this year in January in order to secure the Twitter ecosystem It is also reported that LinkedIn is also planning on bringing a feature based on Substack platform as well as monetize the content.

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