App Researcher Finds a Way to Access Built-in Instagram Dark Mode on the Web

Instagram was launched a few years back and since then it has marked its territory in being one of the top tier applications in the social media world. The social media app has been working towards new and better features for their users to keep their growth intact and growing year after year and also playing and efficient role in making their community a safe and friendly space for everyone.

Among one of Instagram’s recently introduced features was the enabling of a dark mode in the app. Along with Instagram a lot of apps also enabled dark modes for their platforms like Facebook, but while Facebook gave users the accessibility of dark mode on both the application as well as web versions Instagram did not provide any such feature for web users.

But the world is full of tech smart people who find means to access stuff they feel like it and if it is possible. So recently, Alessandro Paluzzi who is a mobile app reverse engineer and researcher and also known to leak hidden features within applications took it to his Twitter account to enlighten the Internet about a new discovery he had made.

He took upon himself to find a way to access dark mode on the Instagram web and when he succeeded he shared a link,, for his followers through which they can also enable dark mode on Instagram web. He also asked the public and followers to re-tweet his tweet if it worked for them and share it among other friends.

He has let his followers know though that this does not make your Instagram web dark permanently. You will have to re-open the link and turn it dark every time you log in to Instagram through the web so it is better if you bookmark the link for easier accessibility to it. Upon this one of his followers said that the users can always add a dark reader extension to the browser which will ultimately change your Instagram to the dark mode. On this Alessandro said that through his way they will be able launch the original dark mode while the person in the comments way was darkening the entire browser. And our experience with third-party apps is not much secure.

From this it is known how much people love the dark mode on Instagram and it is about time the tech giant launches the dark mode for their web versions as well. We are hopeful Instagram will look up into this matter and we cannot wait to see what else new features will it offer.

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