Instagram’s new feature “live rooms” is globally available now and allows live broadcast with up to four Creators

To keep its 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users engaged in the app: Instagram never stops introducing new exciting features to it. Instagram Reels and the addition of a Professional dashboard for Businesses and Creators are some of the recent changes it has brought to the app.

On 1st March, Instagram has made its new feature “live rooms” globally available to all of its users. The new feature now allows you to “double-up” on your live broadcast by coming live with four people at a time. Previously, Instagram allowed its users to come live with only one person. The update is of great help and is a victory already. This feature would be of great help to users for going live with multiple audiences simultaneously and increasing their reach. Live Rooms has thus increased opportunities for users to start a live Q and A session, hosting a jam session, or even initiating a podcast.

Indian users are lucky as always, the “live rooms” feature by Instagram started rolling out for them back in December last year. Vishal Shah is the VP of Product at Instagram who wrote a post saying that Instagram also gave its users the option of coming live with more than one person back in 2017 and saw a resurgence when lockdown started a year ago.

According to the reports, the giant social media company is also currently testing new audio features which are expected to roll out shortly - along with other tools like the moderator controls.

Instagram claims that the new feature will not only keep the audience engaged but also assist Businesses in finding more ways to earn more money. Along with letting the users buy badges for hosts, it will also allow them to use other interacting features which include Shopping and Fundraisers.

Don’t know how to use “live rooms”? Not a problem now. Before you start a Live Room, make sure that your Instagram is updated to the latest version. Then you simply have to open the app and swipe left. You will see an option of “Live Camera”; click it to add a Title to your live room. After adding the Title press the Rooms icon to select the guests you want to add to your room. You will already have requests from people who want to go live with you, or you can also choose any from your choice by searching. While after adding guests to your room, you will remain at the top of the screen. It's all up to you: either add all of the guests simultaneously or one by one.

According to Instagram, going live with your audience increases your reach because the followers of your guests can also be notified when you are going live with them.

The giant companies are no less than any other and always competing to lead. Instagram announced this feature weeks after Twitter tested Spaces for going live by using audio.

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