Google’s sudden insistence for its users to switch to ‘Original Quality’ pictures instead of ‘High-Quality’ compressed images is eliciting a negative response

After more than five years of urging its users to save their photos in the High-Quality mode that compresses pictures and videos and saves them in Google Photos, Google is now singing a different tune altogether.

For all these years, Google kept saying that the High-Quality compressed mode is better and almost identical to the original picture image quality. It saved a lot of space and users could delete their original pictures from their phone galleries. Thus, compressing their photos in High-Quality was an ideal solution for most people, especially when Google allowed unlimited, free storage for them too.

The difference between an Original Quality picture and a High-Quality compressed picture is that the Original quality saves the media files in their original resolution. Whereas the high-quality files are compressed, their resolution is processed automatically by Google Photos. This compression helps in saving space.

Now, all of the sudden, in 2020, Google decided to bring some changes in the payment and storage plan. The new changes are going to be implemented from 1st June 2021. The users will not be able to store for free in Google Photos if they go above 15GB storage. This 15GB free storage comes with every new Google Account. So, from 1st June 2021, all the new uploaded pictures in High-Quality Compressed Moe will count towards 15GB of free cloud storage.

If you use the Google Photos service and if you upload these high-quality images and videos before this deadline, they will not count towards the 15GB limit.

All the media files saved in the original quality do not have to face any changes because they are already counted towards the 15GB limit.

To further elaborate their point, Google is now going back on its earlier words and suddenly the much-advocated High-Quality mode is not good enough! The company is now urging people through emails that the High-Quality storage mode is a risk to the quality of the original photos and users should switch from the High-Quality compressed storage mode to the Original Quality now.

The company is now also saying that the original quality pictures preserve the maximum details and let the users zoom-in, crop, and even print the photos with decreased pixels.

This is quite ridiculous of a tech giant to go back on its words like that. For so many years, it kept advocating and urging people to use the High-quality mode, and now, suddenly, to monetize its storage, everyone should move back to the original quality.

It seems that for all these years, they were deliberately collecting photos from people to train their AI-algorithms. And now, some 4 trillion and above images later, they have changed their plan!

Whether this is the case or not, this is not something that could have been expected from a tech giant like Google.

H/T: Forbes.

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