Here Are The Channels With Most Number of Subscribers On YouTube

It’s 2021 and clearly, YouTube has outclassed the viewership of traditional television. More people now get the choice to view their favorite type of content at their own convenience and this raises one big question; which channel is really the best on YouTube then?

While we are here to show you a list of them, it is important to know that the data being reported is on the basis of the most number of subscribers only.

Looking at the list, Indian Bollywood music channel T-Series currently stands as the most followed YouTube channel with a following of 172 million. This is followed by a more well-known comedy channel PewDiePie that has 109 million followers and is being run by Swede Felix Kjellberg.

For those of you who don’t remember, 2018 was the year where both of the channels started to battle head to head for the number spot on YouTube. But unfortunately, it was Kjellberg who finally lost to the massive craze of Indian cinematic soundtracks across all continents. Before that, it was PewDiePie that had the most subscribers on YouTube for almost five years.

The battle took an interesting turn when Kjellberg and the majority of his fellow YouTuber friends conducted a rally by publishing novelty diss track Bitch Lasagna about T-Series. While the video did go viral with almost 282 million views (as of today), they also went one step ahead by opening up an offer of the most expensive seats at the 2019 Super Bowl in order to make people continue subscribing.

Indian YouTubers later turned out to be smart enough to join the bandwagon by asking people to follow the T-Series account in response to the video. As the music company clearly took advantage of the "patriotism" factor, the move worked in their favor to grab the number spot.

For now, the ranking of the most-followed YouTube channels is dominated by the music and entertainment industry. However, during the pandemic as more kids' content channels have started to appear on the platform - all thanks to the parents demanding for them - one can expect the dominance shifting soon.

H/T: Statista.

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