Microsoft May Soon Launch Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows Along With Fancy Features

After almost a year of hard work and anticipation, Microsoft is finally about to come out with its Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs that will give users an access to stream games directly from the xCloud service.

As the Xbox console owners already know, Windows PC was that one major platform that didn’t have any support for streaming games but that is about to change with this latest version of the Xbox Console Companion app - which still is unannounced and unreleased.

A glimpse of the unofficial app, as given by The Verge, a lot seems to have been changed and a lot still is the same as well if we compare it with the xCloud app for Windows last year.

The Xbox remote play feature, that used to connect PCs to Xbox consoles is pretty much similar to the way it was in Console Companion. But now, users will have the liberty to remotely wake an Xbox console, sign into their device, and enjoy the games wherever they want.

Moreover, there is now full touch support that allows players with Surface or other touchscreen devices to enjoy their Xbox games without a controller. The UI of the internal beta app also gives signs of Microsoft getting ready to introduce gyro support here as well as there is a clear option to enable the feature but unfortunately, it isn’t functional as of yet.

The streaming quality will also be extended to 1080p streams for xCloud which indeed is a big leap as compared to the current 720p for the sake of improving the experience on Windows PCs. The move is going to be in effect once Microsoft is done upgrading its xCloud servers to include Xbox Series X hardware.

Although no one is sure about when Microsoft will roll out with the new app but rumors have it that the company is planning for a “what’s new for gaming” event in the upcoming month. So, chances are that we may get to know about the company’s xCloud plans (for the web and iOS, too) by then.

H/T: TV.
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