Google’s Augmented Reality effect enhances the visibility of 3D animals using dual-camera support

According to a report, Google’s AR service is all set to update by enhancing the 3D effect of the images. The update involves support for multiple Android cameras to boost the AR effect for a better quality of the 3D image.

Formerly known ARCore is a Google Play service that is in charge of various augmented reality applications on Android. Their work related to the AR effect includes Pixel-exclusive AR Playground, Google Search's 3D animal craze, and other versions such as the latest Perseverance Mars landing.

Lately, Android Police reported about the updated version of Google AR play services. This particular update is a special treat for the users of the AR app. In addition to more application compatibility, the update promises dual-camera support for improved visual processing.

With this upgraded version of the app, users are now able to enjoy advanced versions of 3D effect that will be more closer to reality.

The dual-camera support of AR play services will now allow users to decide how naturally and accurately they can adjust objects in the frame. This works similar to the human eye that incorporates the signals from both the eyes to correctly grasp how distant the objects are. This particular upgrade helps AR play service to make Google's 3D animals look and sound more natural.

According to AP, the supported devices of Google play services page has been modified and now it is stating that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL will be the first devices for which the dual-camera AR support is available. According to the same source, in the upcoming weeks, the dual-camera AR support will be enabled for Pixel users.

Following that, Google will extend the same support to other Android and Pixel users like Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. It is highly probable that Google and other OEMs will redefine and analyze the visual acuity depending on how distant the objects are from the two cameras capturing the AR shot.

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