Google Maps has borrowed a killer new feature from Waze to provide its users the best navigation capabilities out there

Most people prefer to use the apps of Google due to the prestige of the company because it has billions of active users around the globe monthly. Google also provides navigation facilities to its users in Google Map from which people can travel from one place to another by using the map, they can also download an offline map of different a region in order to use it when they are having no internet. Sometimes, Google includes the features of its one app into the other to provide its users the best experience, as recently, Google Maps is been updated with a killer feature which has been borrowed from Waze which is also owned by Alphabet unit, Google.

Google maps now show the railroads and the notifications of crossings which have been shown in Waze. The reason for adding the feature of one app to the other is because both apps are owned by Google and people are not very interested in having two navigation apps at the same time especially when they are having lack space on their mobile phones. However, Google has not made any announcement regarding the addition of a new feature in Google Maps. But, a user on Reddit has indicated that the functionality of railway crossing timings will work exactly the same as it works in Waze which is also a navigation app.

This function will work in such a way when you are near a railroad crossing, this will show you a notification indicating the driver that some delay is possible because of the railway crossings. The addition of this functionality is to give the traveler the best experience so that more traffic can come to the platform, and people can confidently travel by using Google map.

However, it is still not announced that which region is having this feature so far, as Google is trying to bring this feature to a maximum number of users in minimum time, but still many people may experience some delays in this new feature. It is still not known that people may use this feature while offline or not. The US could be the first country to have this new feature, but Google may use the data of Waze to bring the feature around the globe in a minimum period of time. You don’t need to install the beta version of Google Maps to have this new feature because this feature is live now for a limited number of users, so it is powered by a server-switch. Hopefully, more users will have this feature soon.

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