iOS 14 is steadily gaining popularity among iPhone users

Typically, as soon as iOS operating systems are launched, the growth increases tremendously as the updated versions attract iPhone users with its features. Recently, Apple disclosed newly recorded data on iOS 14 adoption.

Last year, Apple released iOS 14, and soon after the launch, the consumption of the new operating system has risen drastically, as it does every time Apple announces a new upgrade.

Considering the fact that iOS 14 operates on the same devices like the Apple previous operating systems including 6s all the newer models, it seems like iPhone users were expecting a lot with the new update that they rush to download it to utilize the advantage of all the new features such as widget support, the App Library, and so much more.

This drastic rise of iOS 14 adoption has prepared the pathway for remarkable iOS 14 growth rates. Apple shared recently recorded data indicating the statistical growth of the iOS 14 system. It has revealed that more than 80 percent of all devices on the market are currently using the iOS 14 operating system. These stats led to the conclusion that 8 out of 10 iPhone 6s and newer models are currently running on iOS 14 which is the latest version up till now and only 12 percent of people are still using the iOS 13 operating system.

These statistics are even more remarkable when it comes to iPhones released in the last four years. According to the data recorded by Apple, iOS 14 is installed on 86 percent of all the devices. Whereas, there are 12 percent people still running their devices on iOS 13 coming on second. At the present time, only 2 percent are included in those using iOS 11 or 12.

Soon Apple will release the more upgraded operating system as currently, the team is working on that. Probably in the fall, iOS 15 will first get a preview at WWDC and then it will be further tested by multiple beta builds pushed to developers and public testers. There is no update regarding the features that will be included in iOS 15. It is highly expected that Apple, according to the release calendar will announce the arrival of iOS 15 in September.
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