Google to face $5 billion lawsuits over the allegations that it collects the data of users when they are using incognito mode on its Chrome browser

If you are a user of Google Chrome you might know the incognito mode which many people use for their private work so that their data cannot be collected. As Chrome is at the top of the list in most used browsers. Google was sued by the three users in the month of June last year that it is tracking the information of the users, even if the users take a step to protect their privacy. Especially in the US people are more concerned about their privacy that a majority of the Americans think that data leakage is a bigger crime than killing someone. A judge in California ruled Friday that Google has to face a lawsuit for $5 billion over these extreme allegations, according to the reports of Bloomberg.

US District Judge Lucy Koh wrote in her ruling that Google did not notify their users when they have already taken steps to protect their privacy while using this private mode (also known as incognito tab), which means that Google did not want to let their users know that their data is being tracked by the giant tech company. Data leakage is the major issue and people are very much concerned. Many social media platforms also have to face such allegations of privacy leakage but in this case, Google tracked down the information when they were using the private mode.

However, the company clarified that it has already informed its users that incognito tab does not mean that their data certainly vanishes from the browser but their recent activities are visible to the website they are visiting and any third-party analytics or ad services the visited website uses, so it is already in the knowledge of the users.

Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said in an email that they will try to defend themselves strongly against the claim as Google has never take the advantage of the privacy of the users and it is the duty of the company to maintain the privacy of the data of the users and they are trying their best to protect it. He further said that the incognito mode of Chrome browser gives an option to the users to browse the internet without the activity being saved to their browsers or device. Google Chrome clearly mentioned in the browser when user tries to open it that their date might be collected by the websites during the session.

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