Google has started pushing out 64-bit Chrome browser for those Android devices which have 8GB RAM and Android 10 version

If you are a regular user of the Chrome browser, you might be thinking that why Google has a need to make the new version of the 64-bit browser for Android while it has already running the 32-bit Chrome browser. The answer is simple that 64-bit processors are much faster than 32-bit counterparts, then why should a browser not take the benefit of it as according to the statement of Google, there is a decent improvement in the performance of the browser, especially in visual elements when it is upgraded to 64-bit from 32-bit version. Therefore, Google has upgraded the Chrome browser to improve the speed, safety as 64-bit Chrome browser is even more secure than 32-bit which makes it harder for the hacker to attack to trace your personal data which is the main priority of the users, and 64-bit Chrome browser maintains the stability and crashes even half then 32-bit browser.

After 6 six years since the first version of the 64-bit Chrome browser was launched, Google has finally started pushing out a 64-bit Chrome browser on eligible Android devices, as per Ghacks. From eligible means that these devices must have Android 10 version so that they can run 64-bit Chrome browser and must have 8GB RAM installed in their phone because 64-bit Chrome works on larger RAM. This latest update has brought a lot of improvements in memory management, so the latest Chrome browser works faster on Android devices than before. Google said that this 64-bit browser will give you a more responsive feel while the website actually loads in the background. 

So if you do most of your work online on Chrome browser on Android device, then Google has made your work easy, faster, and smoother with the crashing of the browser when you have opened many tabs at the same time.

If your device has already upgraded to 64-bit then try the new experience on the mobile phone, however, if your device has Android 10, if you have a Samsung brand you can check your RAM of the phone from Bixby. If your device’s RAM is 8GB or more, soon you will enjoy a 64-bit Chrome browser, as Google has announced that from August 2021, Google will ask its developers to upload only 64-bits apps on the Play Store, however, 32-bit apps will remain but in the next year, high-end processors will only support 64-bit apps.

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