According to a report, Facebook is working on a new version of Instagram for Kids who are under the age of 13 years

Instagram may soon launch a new platform for kids who are under the age of 13 years. Facebook-owned company is not just working on a new authentication method but also on a platform that could make this a safer place especially for kids because parents cannot look after their children at all times when they are using the social media platform. As the Vice President of Product of Instagram made an internal announcement (as reported by BF) that we are pleased to say that we is going forward, and the work of youth is significant for Instagram and it persuaded us to make it our highest priority.

He further said that we are building a new youth pillar within the community product group, so we can focus on two things; one is the boosting up the integrity and second is the privacy work to ensure the safest possible experience for kids, and second is building a new version of Instagram in which people who are under the age of 13 can use Instagram safely. These initiatives can help stop bullying and harassing the kids on the platforms as there are already many online cases reported during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Facebook is at the top of the list in having the most cases of online harassment of youngsters; therefore, it has made a step to make Instagram a safer place. However, this idea is still in the early-stage and the company does not have a specific ETA as to when it could introduce in mind, but on the other side, Facebook has noticed that this is more potential for the development in this specific area, especially if the company finds the best way to keep the control of children over the content they are trying to access. This will also restrict the direct messages so that it could protect the kid from unwanted and unknown contact.

In this way, Instagram can get more traffic to stay on its platform for longer hours. Facebook understands that we cannot stop a kid from not signing up these platforms so it is better to find the best way and create kids version with full parental control and that shows transparency in which the kids can be safe and can get the entertainment. As parents advocacy group already asked Facebook to stop its kids’ Messenger product since social media is not performing its duty quite well. But, it is hoped that Instagram will perform its duty well in this new feature.

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