Google Chrome 89 has come with the ‘Live Caption’ feature for PC users

The all new Google Chrome 89 made its debut this year in the beginning of March. This new version of Chrome has made everyone murmuring about it due to Google updating so many of the existing features and bringing unique ones to the table. Along with the newly released features, one such is the feature of ‘Live Captions’.

The Live Caption feature basically creates captions in English for audio and video automatically, this will come as you speak or watch anything. The feature might sound familiar as this is available on some smartphones as well, it became available for Pixel 3 next, followed by Pixel 3a and then finally to other smartphones like OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro. So it was first only available for Pixel 4 smartphones, but the very same is releasing for Google Chrome 89 on desktop. The update has moved to desktop as well and only the people who work tirelessly behind laptop screens all day can know how helpful this feature will be for them, whether for students who take online classes or people who work from home. The pandemic has made almost everyone shift to do everything from the comfort of your home. The Live Caption feature will help when you are not able to listen to an audio clearly or when you want to listen to something really carefully but can’t sometimes because of the accent, the captions will for sure help so many out there. The feature will not only be a hit but will also earn Google praises for finally introducing it to the desktop version of the app.

The Live Caption feature is only available in English at the moment but with a speed like this, where Google keeps on updating some feature or brings something new almost every week. We are sure that it won’t be long for Google to bring this feature to the table in new languages as well. The feature was first spotted a little out on Chromium Gerrit and with Google releasing Chrome 89, this feature finally became available to the world for desktop Google Chrome users. Users can enable the feature from Google Chrome accessibility setting by visiting this page: chrome://settings/accessibility.
Google Chrome 89 has come up with so many exciting features like these that it is almost hard to keep up with these. We are only excited to see what else Google has in store for us.

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