Google is making the Image Search easier by testing a new drop-down selection filter

Google is the most used search engine in the world where you can get the desired data in a second. Google is now working on different types of features that help to get you key information without wasting much time so you don’t have to look at your major information by scrolling pages after pages. Google always tries to get the right page at the top of the list and the programmable search engine provide the structured search operators that allow you to get into the subcategory of search result which is based on structured data available on your page. However, for the search of an image Google before this radio filter option relied on structured data on your page and image metadata when approaching your website.

As per Saad AK, Google (in a test) is now providing more filter options so that you can get the image which you want in a matter of seconds, now when you open the Google search engine and search anything on it in the image section, you will see the radio button selection filter for an image in the form of drop-down option. Some screenshots have been shared showing how these search results will work that when you click on the new filter option in the image section, it will show you the option with a circle to select your desired search result. For instance, a user has shared some screenshots on Twitter about the search result image of bike for kids in whom Google gave multiple filter option like colors, names of the companies of bikes including off-road, balance, road, and cruiser and its frame material and the brands of bike. In short, Google gave the detailed results of the bike which the user searched for like a radio button you select for searching the exact channel and when you want to choose your desired channel on the radio you select the circle option.

Same in the case of the Google radio button filter. Google is making such filters to get the most traffic on its platform and for the convenience of the searcher. But, in this option, you will not be able to select multiple filter options in the same filter at a time; rather you will have to select one filter at a time. Many users still cannot see the radio select boxes in the main mobile search results, but they can only get this radio option in the image search section. this feature is made to make the search easy and convenient.

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