Google Discusses Its Value as a Learning Tool

Google used to be a way for people to search up random things on the internet, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that the search engine platform has now become a pretty essential way for people to get their hands on information that they might need on a daily basis. In this manner, Google has turned into a learning tool, one that can be used to educate people on a wide range of issues all of which would be incredibly important for them if you think about it.

Earlier this week, Google talked about how it is evolving and turning into an even better learning tool that everyone can end up using. Google’s new LEARN initiative is going to focus one STEM concepts and thereby create a situation wherein educational resources will be emphasized and optimized. Drawing from a range of educational sources, this new initiative is going to make it so that learning can end up being done on the search engine itself, with the second phase allowing users to practice the concepts that they have learned and gain a better understanding of what they might all be about.

Augmented reality is going to be incorporated into the mix as well, with Google’s diverse array of educational platforms all contributing to helping to make the world a far more educated place. Some are criticizing this move, however, after Google has been found to create loops where people making queries would engage in zero click search results since they would get the information they’d need from Google itself.

Google might be taking traffic away from actual educational websites and the like which is the sort of thing that would make it difficult for them to survive in an increasingly competitive internet landscape.

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