Snapchat is testing TikTok Duets-inspired feature called Remix, an auto-caption feature to improve accessibility is also in development

Even though TikTok got banned in India and Pakistan, still, this platform has gained much popularity from all over the world due to its 15 seconds short videos and Instagram was inspired by such trend and it launched its Reel format which similar to TikTok short videos. Similarly, TikTok has another duet feature in which two creators share their reaction or content on one screen which has also become much famous among the public and this receive a large number of audiences from all over the world. Snapchat is now inspired by this duet feature of TikTok, therefore, it is also developing its own version of duet named ‘Remix’ which will also grab a lot of traffic to its platform because, Snapchat is also the most used app among the youngsters and it wants its users to spend more of their time on Snapchat, therefore, to follow the trend is a must.

This Remix feature will allow its users to reply to their friend’s snaps by creating new content. It looks like Snapchat is trying to learn from the trends of TikTok, but at the start of this ‘Remix’ feature, it will only allow the users to reply to their friend’s story with a remixed snap. For making ‘Remix’ you will have to record your own snap alongside the original story as it plays for a contextual conversation on the platform, just like you see on the TikTok duet. TikTok has made its platform a social network that boosts the videos of users instead of just making a passive video viewing. TikTok has also said that it is introducing some new layout options for duet videos; including top to bottom layout, three-screen layout, and a special react layout. There are some layouts that Snapchat is also considering for its users. Snapchat has also given almost the same feature in which users can choose a variety of options in which they can combine different snaps including top to bottom format and side-by-side option so that you can react to the snap of your friend.
Alessandro Paluzzi has first pointed out this addition also said that there is another option of tagging your friends or even other people if you have the permission to share their snap through a new pin switch.

Besides this ‘Remix’, Snapchat is also developing an auto-caption feature to improve accessibility. Auto-captions are the best way to make the content of users accessible for viewers. These captions will be created by a machine learning algorithms which may differ in quality. Snapchat may be working on speech recognition technology just like YouTube for creating auto-caption for your content. Alessandro Paluzzi has shared a screenshot in which it has shown the new caption options that may be selected the side menu of the editor of the caption as CC.

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