Chrome will provide settings for automatic translator of languages for Android users

The automatic translator feature was previously lacking in Chrome for android users due to which they were having difficulty when landing on a foreign language page. Now, on user demand, Chrome is reportedly adding a separate setting for translation of foreign languages.

With this new update, whenever the foreign language page on Chrome is opened, there will be a new addition of translation bar that appears on the bottom of the page. There will be multiple options available on the translation bar that offers translation in different languages. According to Techdows, android users can also modify the settings up to their choice by telling Google Chrome to translate the foreign language pages forever or never in the long term. A user is also allowed to select the languages they want to get translation in, and provide Google Chrome with a list of languages, then Chrome will note down the feedback for automatic translation.

The languages that users selects add in an automatic translations and Chrome will always translate the pages into these languages.

This feature is very handy and does not require much time to change the settings. To activate the automatic language translator option, the process is very simple. To utilize the new automatic translate settings for android, the steps goes like; download the Chrome Canary browser in order to avail this setting, tap on settings, in the option of translate settings make sure that the “Offer to send pages in other languages to Google Translate” is activated. After which, select Advanced then Automatically Translate These Languages option and ultimately the user will reach to the page where thy will be provided options to add or remove the languages in the automatic translator.

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